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The Fight Against Radical Islamic Terrorism

The Fight Against Radical Islamic Terrorism

Tom recognizes the seriousness of the ongoing fight against radical Islamic terrorism and believes we should do whatever it takes to defeat ISIS and bring stability to the threats from the Middle East. Currently, the President’s actions against ISIS have been taken without congressional authorization. That’s why Tom introduced legislation that would require Congress to vote whether or not to authorize the use of force in the battle against ISIS and terrorism.

Tom was also opposed to the deal made by the Obama Administration with Iran. Iran has been a known sponsor of terror in the Middle East and beyond, and has served as a destabilizing force in the region. The lax verification regime instituted with this deal paves the way for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon and threatens our ally Israel. Further, the loosening of financial restrictions has given Iran tens of millions of dollars to fund terrorism and further instability in the region. That is why Tom supported passage of the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act, which would prohibit Iranian individuals and groups from gaining sanctions relief.

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